Personality Test Results

I decided - just for the heck of it - to take this personality test at 16personalities to see what they said my personality was (figured they'd get it wrong). Turns out, that they got it mostly right! Maybe even 100%, though I'm sceptical of some of what the results said. What are my results? Apparently, … Continue reading Personality Test Results 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스

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Here’s a Song parody that I wrote

I'm a FanFiction writer, so I've been writing Star Wars parodies of Disney songs on FanFiction lately and the latest one that I did everyone loved and thought was hilarious, so I thought I would share it on here. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the lyrics, Star Wars, or anything that belongs to Disney. George … Continue reading Here’s a Song parody that I wrote 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스

You Know My Name

I’ve been doing this musical challenge that I saw on WP and I did days 3 and 4 last week as I have decided to do two days worth of the challenge on one day a week instead of doing it every day for a whole month. Anyway, this week we are up to Days … Continue reading You Know My Name 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스

Thanos is just rubbish

Everyone talks about Thanos as one of the most formidable villains in the MCU. In fact, he's the villain everyone mainly talks about when talking about the MCU - and that's no surprise considering that he wiped out half the Universe's population. But that's all he did. Did he try to wipe out the WHOLE … Continue reading Thanos is just rubbish 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스

Let It Flow

There's this utterly hilarious Star Wars parody of the song Let It Go. I was practically rolling on the floor laughing at it. Very cleverly done and, while I never have seen the particular Star Wars movie they were using for the background scenes of the song, I found it a rather emotional - and … Continue reading Let It Flow 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스

Kilt – Dress or Skirt?

Men in Scotland wear something called kilts. Looks like this: And there is ravaging jokes around - in movies, books, etc. - about whether or not the kilt is a dress (which, I have to admit, provides plenty of amusement). Well, I thought about it, and realized that it doesn't quite fit the criteria for … Continue reading Kilt – Dress or Skirt? 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스 → 어른아이닷컴|밤토끼|호두코믹스